Who Needs Our Lobbying Services

Companies or organisations requiring  effective input into government policy and regulations, those needing to create stronger and more productive relationships at government level, as well as companies who wish to have a government department as a customer.  Equally, we can help you if you want to explore the government landscape for grants or government financial assistance, or if you have found your business will be affected by upcoming decisions or government regulations.

Lobbying Collaborations

Collaborations or cluster initiatives are projects that are organised as ventures between a diverse number of public and private sector players, such as firms, government agencies, and academic institutions. Increasingly there is a demand for groups and institutions within a particular industry to band together on issues needing urgent attention and action when they do not need or want the expense and red tape of setting up an actual industry association.

Champion of Small Business and Cutting Red Tape

You need a team on your side who understand business, not just rules and regulations. A team that can allow you the time and clarity  to grow your business. We will be your voice where it matters and help you take advantage of opportunities, and minimise the legal and government red tape.