Litigation Support Services

Are you finding it difficult to gather up all materials, your lawyer requires to run your matter?  Leave that preparation to us, not your lawyers

We don’t run the case for you, we research the elements and gather evidence to present a brief to your lawyers. In short, we help to ensure your legal team is cost effective, doing what they do best and not charging you over hyped fee for document compiling, witness interviews, legal research and the compilation of your legal outline and brief to them.

Our experience in this process is an invaluable tool to both you and your lawyers. Our team has the prerequisite background and experience to effectively understand your lawyer’s requirements and assist you to produce that material required by your lawyers. We offer a wide spectrum of responsibilities, confidential litigation support services including solutions tailored to individual client’s requirements. Our excellent reputation has been built on accuracy and sound judgment with enhanced technical services that address even the most complex cases with professionalism. We have assembled a team which is unparalleled in their investigation approach as well as their credentials and understanding of the law and the legal processes.

As we have experience and ‘street smarts’, and can implement these where your lawyers can not, we can help you with negotiations of all types.


Australian Government Registered Lobbyists


We are an  Australian Government Registered Lobbyist - Licensed by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. We are a political lobbying powerhouse.  In this harsh legal landscape we are recognised as a leading business advocate in government relations.

We represent our clients’ interests at the highest state and federal government levels.  On your behalf we can liaise speak with top officials, leading politicians and high profile government representatives and solicitors. We combine our experience with business, and around the legal field with lobbying knowledge. This is what sets us apart.

Butler Hardy is known for getting things done. For us, only results count. This is why time and again we deliver the integrated strategies organizations need to be successful. And we have the record to prove it.


Business Services

We negotiate settlements  On your behalf we can negotiate settlement with Banks, Financial institution, Insurance companies, your suppliers and customers.

Business and legal adversaries have several methods available for resolving their disputes, including mediation, arbitration and litigation.  If at all possible, we prefer to help you resolve your disagreements and civil lawsuits through a negotiated settlement.  This is our strength.  Lawyer have expertise in civil procedure, trial advocacy, defamation, torts, contracts, intellectual property, business organizations, etc, but most have little or no experience or formal training in negotiation strategies.

Our problem solving negotiation focuses not just on substantive facts, but on addressing as many of each party’s needs as possible and searches for a win-win solution rather than focusing on a zero-sum win-lose type of negotiation. Our negotiation strategies often help both parties to maintain a relationship after the completion of the negotiation and the adoption of the terms of settlement.


ATO & Debt Negotiation

As professionals potentially we may be able to negotiate a reduction of your debt level to your creditors on terms that are mutually beneficial to both parties

When caught up in personal or business debt you can find yourself consistently accumulating interest, late penalties, fines and fees which make your attempts at reducing your debt appear unsurmountable. Compounding this problem are creditors pressuring you as well as the negative credit record you are developing.

Our understanding of business and our expert and experienced negotiation strategies can be on your side.   Most importantly, we have the experience and inner working knowledge to successfully liaise on your behalf with the credit reporting agencies, especially in demanding corrections to your file for faulty and negligent reporting.