Litigation Support

Are you finding it difficult to gather up all materials, your lawyer requires to run your matter?  Leave that preparation to us, not your lawyers

We don’t run the case for you, we research the elements and gather evidence to present a brief to your lawyers. In short, we help to ensure your legal team is cost effective, doing what they do best and not charging you over hyped fee for document compiling, witness interviews, legal research and the compilation of your legal outline and brief to them.

Our experience in this process is an invaluable tool to both you and your lawyers. Our team has the prerequisite background and experience to effectively understand your lawyer’s requirements and assist you to produce that material required by your lawyers. We offer a wide spectrum of responsibilities, confidential litigation support services including solutions tailored to individual client’s requirements. Our excellent reputation has been built on accuracy and sound judgment with enhanced technical services that address even the most complex cases with professionalism. We have assembled a team which is unparalleled in their investigation approach as well as their credentials and understanding of the law and the legal processes.

As we have experience and ‘street smarts’, and can implement these where your lawyers can not, we can help you with negotiations of all types.