What Is A Lobbyist?

An advocate hired to work on behalf of individuals and organisations in order to influence political decisions in their favour is considered a professional lobbyist.

A “lobbyist” can be described as anyone who speaks with politicians or bureaucrats putting forward a varying view and thus persuading them on a matter. An spokesperson hired to work on behalf of organisations or individuals with the aim of influencing political decisions is considered a professional lobbyist. In Australia most organisations are using third-party lobby teams on their behalf to represent their interests. These lobbyists, are required to be on a publicly available register and to abide by certain rules.

That said, also many organisations and companies have in-house lobbyists.

Whether third party or in-house a successful lobbyist needs to understand how the federal government works and how decisions are made within both parliament and executive offices. The lobbyist must create and continually reinforce relationships within government and departmental offices. That is why lobbyists are quite often past government officials, senior office holders, policy experts, barristers and attorneys.