Business Services

We negotiate settlements  On your behalf we can negotiate settlement with Banks, Financial institution, Insurance companies, your suppliers and customers.

Business and legal adversaries have several methods available for resolving their disputes, including mediation, arbitration and litigation.  If at all possible, we prefer to help you resolve your disagreements and civil lawsuits through a negotiated settlement.  This is our strength.  Lawyer have expertise in civil procedure, trial advocacy, defamation, torts, contracts, intellectual property, business organizations, etc, but most have little or no experience or formal training in negotiation strategies.

Our problem solving negotiation focuses not just on substantive facts, but on addressing as many of each party’s needs as possible and searches for a win-win solution rather than focusing on a zero-sum win-lose type of negotiation. Our negotiation strategies often help both parties to maintain a relationship after the completion of the negotiation and the adoption of the terms of settlement.